“The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.” —Marshall McLuhan

Among those who inhabit the night of the Cream City, a few terms crop up that your average citizen probably wouldn’t understand. This is a small index of them, organized by their typical users. Players can decide for themselves which ones they are familiar with.

(Storyteller’s Note: Do feel free to add to this list, if you want to try to coin a phrase —JMD)

Universally recognized among supernaturals:

Late Nighters or Last Calls: The supernatural community of Milwaukee, WI

Furs: Werewolves. Derogatory, but seldom used since the Forsaken are highly isolationist in Milwaukee.

Mosquitoes: Vampires. Derogatory.

The Sucks: Vampires, from a shortened version of “Succubus”. Also from what they do to their victims. Only mildly derogatory, surprisingly.

Dahmers: Unknown supernatural killers, potentially any number of things. They always kill and they are always dangerous.

Bonedaddies: Sin-Eaters

Redshirts: Hunters. Dismissive, as you might guess.

Sin-Eater lexicon (those terms mentioned in Geist: The Sin-Eaters are not reprinted here).

Fitzgeralds: Members of the Great Lakes Krewe, the biggest Krewe in most of the cities of the Lakes

Oldbones: Ghosts more than about 60 or 70 years old. Not an exact term.

The Grey Valley: The Underworld. To distinguish from Miller Valley or the Menominee River Valley.

IPA: Plasm. From a beer connoisseur Sin-Eater who claimed the taste was “bitter, yet refreshing”.

My Better Half: A more than slightly sarcastic term for one’s Geist.

Shreds: The Torn. Self-explanatory.

Sarcos: The Silent, from ‘sarcophagus’, but the origin of that particular nickname is a little unclear. Suspected to derive from a Sin-Eater who worked at the MPM.

Aronofskies: The Prey, after the movie “Pi” where the main character becomes obsessed looking for patterns everywhere.

Vacks: The Stricken, from “vaccines”

Snake Eyes: The Forgotten. This phrase is used everywhere in the United States.


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