Veronica Schmidt



Sample Dice Pool:

Medicine (dice pool 7, with a specialty in Diagnosis): This comes up more than you’d think in an Advocate’s profession, because finding out what a ghost died from is an excellent first step in finding out how to help them pass on. Apart from which, as one of the finest internists at Columbia St. Mary’s, Veronica’s talent in this area is greatly valued.


Quotes about Veronica:

“Veronica is just real, solid lawyer all the way through, you know? She didn’t have to go out of her way and help the dead after she came back, but she does anyway. So good for her. Maybe it’s the “god-complex” doctor thing, you know? Ooh, did you see last week’s House?" —Paul Favel, Easily Distracted

“How she can stand to put her fingers in someone while they’re still all… moving is beyond me. But a smart woman. We pick each others’ brains from time to time.” —Emmanuel Burgess, Undertaker

Veronica Schmidt

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