Paul Favel

Paranormal Investigator... Just like in GhostBusters!


Sample Dice Pool:

Academics (Dice Pool of 7, with a specialty in Pop Culture): Paul is an excellent researcher and a devoted scholar. Shame that he spends so much of his time looking into music reviews, movie analysis and independent comics. But then again, he’s found more than one lead that way. Call it a wash.


“God, sometimes I could just strangle Paul. Here we are, you know, trying to keep people from falling into the motherfuckin’ Great Below, restless shades all around us, and what does he want to know? What does his pasty, fuckin’ hopeless ass wanna know? He wants to know if I saw the new Captain America movie. I’d hate him if I didn’t love him so damn much.” —Kitana Lee, Patient Partner

Paul Favel

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