Nicholas Burgess



Sample Dice Pool:

Persuasion (dice pool 8, with a specialty in Deals): Nicholas works in a very delicate line of business. Well, two, actually. The legitimate end of his business, managing a number of mortuary services, requires a combination of empathy, tact, persuasiveness, knowledge and cold-blooded Machiavellian willingness to rook the bereaved for every last fucking penny of the life insurance policy with the lie of “the right funeral for your loved one”. The other end, trading in favors and information within the Sin-Eater community, doesn’t need quite as much tact. That’s about the only difference, really.


Quotes about Nicholas:

“When we were at college together, I always thought that Nicholas didn’t learn anything. He didn’t go to class all that often, breezed through his homework, and spent a lot of time chatting up women in bars. After we died, I realized something. He was learning an awful lot. He was learning about people. Living people. How terrifying. Autopsies are much easier.” Emmanuel Burgess, the Quiet Brother.

“Man, that smug-ass white boy ain’t worth playin’ with, you hear me? I mean, there’s a lot of mice in this city, and there’s only one kitty and he’s sitting mighty pretty, you dig? He’s bad news, man, and that’s the blues.” —Francis ‘Alewife’ Washington, Dead Man Singing.

Nicholas Burgess

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