Muhammed ElKharabas



Sample Dice Pool:

Firearms (Dice Pool 7, with specialties in Sniping and Dragunov SVD): Before he emigrated to Michigan in the late 1970’s, Muhammed was a seasoned fighter in a number of Middle Eastern conflicts. His arthritis has reduced his accuracy somewhat, but he remains a crack shot with the Soviet-model sniper rifle he managed to get grandfathered in past ATF regulations. Some friends INS probably helped with that one. When the Great Lakes Krewe absolutely, positively needs someone dead, they call Muhammed.


“That fuckin’ Hajji is impossible. I’ve tried INS. I’ve tried Homeland security. I’ve tried like five or six different private security firms. No-one can even find the guy. He’s more of a ghost than the ones we chase. Scares the living shit out of me.” —Leon Sanders, Mover and Shaker

“Are you willing to die for a cause you believe in? Are you willing to kill for a cause you believe in?” —Kitana Lee, speaking to Tae-Song Lee.

Muhammed ElKharabas

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