Lise Quilliam



Sample Dice Pool:

Occult (dice pool 6, with a specialty in Hauntings): Lise loves her teashop, naturally, but she really makes her money taking care of rich people’s spiritual problems, imagined or genuine. She does her job well, and is a good source if you’re stumped as to just what the hell that weird symbol means or how to talk to a ghost that doesn’t do anything but leave iridescent streaks on the windows.


“Fockin’ wasting her time and talents, that one. What’s the point, may I ask, what is the point of accumulating a big fockin’ pile of money when you’re lucky to move on with nothing more than your soul and your favorite hat? The best you can hope for is a really nice fockin’ hat.” -Reggie V. Dubcek, Knows a thing or two about hats.

Lise Quilliam

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