Leon Sanders

Corrupt Officeholder


Sample Dice Pool:

Politics (dice pool 8, with a specialty in Corruption): Everyone knows that old saying, “follow the money”, to try to find out who benefits from what deals. But Leon goes one step further. He diverts the streams and rivers of currency and account numbers, keeps tabs on neap tides of slush funds, and orchestrates his own water table of Chinese walls, shopfront corporations and shell organizations. Leon doesn’t need to follow the money. He knows exactly where it’s going.


Quotes about Leon:

“Lots of big smiles and slaps on the back, but it’s like he’s got a little ledger up in that big, bald head of his and he’s keeping track. And once someone’s number is up, it’s up. And he punches the ticket because the Man with Golden Hands tells him just when it’s time to settle the accounts. He’s a psycho in silk suits, sister.” —Kitana Lee, Asskicker for the Dead Twenty-Nine

“Leon and I understand each other. That makes us both sons of bitches.” —Nicholas Burgess, Snake in a Suit

Leon Sanders

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