Kaya Sparrowhawk

Pissed-off computer programmer


Date of birth: 21 December 1986
Date of death/resurrection: 31 July 2011
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 112 lbs.

Geist: Red Arrow Woman
Keystone Memento: Bloody feather
> Linked Attribute: Weaponry

Morality: (●●●●●●●○○○)
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Archetype: Reaper
Threshold: The Torn

Psyche: 1 (maximum 1 plasm/turn)
Synergy: 7
Willpower: ●●● (Used: )
Health: 8
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 3
Armor: -
Initiative Mod: +4
XP: +3

Mental Physical Social
Intelligence (●○○○○) Strength (●●○○○) Presence (●●○○○)
Wits (●●●●○) Dexterity (●●●○○) Manipulation (●●●○○)
Resolve (●●○○○) Stamina (●●●○○) Composure (●○○○○)

Mental Physical Social
Academics (●○○○○) Athletics (●○○○○) Animal Ken (●●○○○)
Computer (●●●●○)
Brawl (●○○○○) Empathy (○○○○○)
Crafts (○○○○○) Drive (●●○○○) Expression (○○○○○)
Investigation (●●○○○) Firearms (○○○○○) Intimidation (○○○○○)
Medicine (○○○○○) Larceny (●○○○○) Persuasion (○○○○○)
Occult (●●○○○)
Menominee Spirituality
Stealth (●●○○○)
Socialize (○○○○○)
Politics (○○○○○) Survival (○○○○○) Streetwise (●●○○○)
Science (●●○○○) Weaponry (○○○○○) Subterfuge (●○○○○)


  • Menominee Language (●●●○○)
  • Meditative Mind (●○○○○)
  • Direction Sense (●○○○○)
  • Resources (●●○○○)
  • Allies (●○○○○)
    Native Community
  • Allies (●○○○○)


  • Primeval
  • Stigmata


  • The Caul (●●●○○)

The Primeval Caul

  • Cost: 1 plasm
  • Attribute: Stamina (●●●○○)
  • Skill: Animal Ken (●●○○○)
  • Dice Pool: Stamina (●●●) + Animal Ken (●●) + Caul Rating (●●●)
  • Primeval Caul ():
    Unlocking the Primeval Caul allows a Sin-Eater to take on aspects of animals to enhance her body. Taking on the aspects of all manner of wild animals, the Sin-Eater can add his activation successes to any perception rolls. If blinded, she can track foes by sound or scent (adding her activation successes to the Wits + Composure roll). She also adds her activation successes to any Survival rolls to follow trails.
  • Primeval Caul (●●):
    The Sin-Eater gains an animal’s instinctive awareness of what to do in a dangerous situation, and uses the higher of her Wits or Dexterity to determine her Defense. She may also spend 1 plasm to add her activation successes to her Speed for one turn.
  • Primeval Caul (●●●):
    Her body taking on new bestial features, the Sin-Eater can distribute his activation successes among her Physical Attributes. These changes carry through to derived totals such as Initiative and Health. This power costs 1 Willpower to activate for a scene.

The Stigmata Caul

  • Cost: 1 plasm
  • Attribute: Stamina (●●●○○)
  • Skill: Occult (●●○○○)
  • Dice Pool: Stamina (●●●) + Occult (●●) + Caul Rating (●●●)
  • Stigmata Caul ():
    Blending with her geist in the Stigmata Caul grants the Sin-Eater power over her own body, controlling even automatic functions like respiration. The core of blood within her is all that a Sin-Eater needs to control her body. At the most basic level, the Sin-Eater can control her metabolic functions. She does not need to breathe, eat, or sleep while manifesting the Stigmata Caul, and is immune to penalties from hunger or fatigue.
  • Stigmata Caul (●●):
    The character can control her own spilt blood. She must infuse the blood with a point of plasm. While she’s focusing her senses on a pool of infused blood she can move it up to her Speed each turn. The blood cannot climb walls, but the Sin-Eater can form it into specific shapes and even letters, or manipulate objects with an effective Strength of 1.
  • Stigmata Caul (●●●):
    The Sin-Eater can focus for a a moment and see through a pool of her own blood. Spilling enough blood to see through costs her a single point of bashing damage. She can choose to see through any pool of her own shed blood while bound in the Stigmatic Caul, but she can only look through one pool at a time and shifting her vision takes an instant action. While looking through a pool of blood the Sin-Eater isn’t aware of her own surroundings and can’t apply her Defense to any attacks.

    Attribute/Skill/Manifestation Maximum: 5
    Maximum plasm: 14
    Maximum plasm per turn: 1
    Anchors: none
    Time in Underworld: none

    Key possessions
  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • 2005 Suzuki Bandit
"Do you go up to a black guy and say 'Hey, how black are you? Half, one-fourth, three fuckin' quarters?' I am so sick of white kids saying, 'Indian? How much?' So let's talk about blood quantum. Yeah, I'm enrolled. Potawatomi and Menominee, in case it was any of your damn business. No, I don't want to hear that your great-great grandma's Cherokee, or that you went to a pow-wow once.

"If there was anything I did want to know about you, I could just as easily find it on the web and save myself the trouble of talking to you. You think I'm kidding, but a few keystrokes and you're mine. I'm good at finding secrets and I'm better at holding grudges, so don't fuck with me and maybe I'll try not to notice you. Clear enough? Or do you need me to spell it out? Maybe in smoke signals?"

- Kaya Sparrowhawk, hacker

Born on the Menominee Reservation outside of Menominee, WI to a Menominee mother and a Potawatomi father, Kaya Sparrowhawk spent her early childhood shunted back and forth between her mother’s apartment in Milwaukee and her maternal grandparents’ home back on the rez. When she was sixteen, her mother suffered a fatal heart attack, leaving Kaya to come to Milwaukee to pack up her dead mother’s apartment. Instead of returning to Menominee, however, Kaya moved into her mother’s apartment, finished high school, and attended the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee on scholarship, graduating in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

After graduating, she began freelancing for various programming firms to pay the bills, but her real talent was hacking. Naturally reclusive, she had nonetheless made several acquaintances in Milwaukee: her cousin Jimmy Blue Heron and his friends form a tight-knit community of Native kids living in the city. Mostly she keeps her head down and keeps to herself, but life can change in a single heartbeat. Or, more accurately, in the absence of one.

After abruptly being gunned down in the back alley of her apartment building, Kaya awoke to a new reality, one in which she could see the restive dead. Tenuously linked with a cadre of kindred Sin-Eaters, she began to navigate this new, macabre world – a world in which the dead linger, appeal for help, demand justice. Her first, fumbling attempts at solving such a problem, the case of Paula LeMain, ended unsatisfactorily, but for the first time, she feels as if she has glimpsed her purpose in life. Kaya Sparrowhawk: judge, jury and executioner. She likes the ring of that.

Kaya Sparrowhawk

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