Javier Manuel Marquez

EspĂ­ritu libre


Sample Dice Pool:

Socialize (dice pool 6, with a specialty in Partying): Javier died a long, painful death of deprivation, so in this new life he’s willing to pull out all the stops. His strong superstitious fatalism is counterbalanced with a desire to go balls-to-the-wall all night, roaring through the streets of Milwaukee in a pickup truck that the Grim Reaper himself would blush at. Because what’s the point of coming back if you ain’t gonna live, cabron?


“Javier would be a lot more fun to hang around with if he didn’t know it. He does, so he can act like such a macho, pinche cabron sometimes. He’d get in a lot less trouble if he thought with his brain instead of his dick, too.” Teresa Cortes, Perennial Quarry

Javier Manuel Marquez

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