Founder of the Dead Twenty-Nine


Sample Dice Pools:

Expression (dice pool 7, with a specialty in The Cause): Fitz doesn’t talk much about what he did before he died, but it must have involved a lot of talking. When he really gets fired up, the krewe sounds like it’s empowered by God and the Five Lakes to shepherd the dead across the Great Water. That we are all crusaders that will and must do whatever it takes to ensure that dead is dead, living is living, and that those who walk between always remember that it is their sacred duty to maintain that balance.

Brawl (dice pool 9, with a specialty in Protecting the Krewe): There’s a basement in Milwaukee where, if you want to and you’re dumb enough, you can fight for money. And one day the champion, a fucking monster 6’9" and 220 pounds, with arms like suspension cable, thought it would be funny to hurt a young woman who was a member of the Great Lakes Krewe. Three nights later, in a blind alley on the North Side, he had a piece of rebar. Fitz had his sweater, his hat and his two fists. The next person to talk to the champion was Emmanuel Burgess. ’Nuff said.


Quotes about Fitz:

“Everyone pays. I don’t need more money, so favors are better, but everyone pays. Except for Fitz, because he doesn’t ask unless he’s really desperate or it’s really important. Usually it’s both. And as I would not ask for kickbacks from a 20,000 ton ship, or from the Lake itself, I sure as fuck am not gonna play accountant with Fitz. I am in no rush to die again.” —Nicholas Burgess, No Man’s Fool.

“He’s big, but not as big as the Woman in White. He’s smart, but not as smart as the Witch. He’s old, but not as old as I fockin’ am. It’s more dangerous than that. That fockin’ maniac actually believes that his life is completely fockin’ unimportant, and that he will do anything to do his job. He never forgets his job, not for one fockin’ second. It’s all he has. It’s all he is. And nothing can stop him when he puts his mind to it.” Reggie V. Dubcek, Apostate of the Great Lakes Krewe


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