Emmanuel Burgess

Creepy Undertaker


Sample Dice Pool:

Science (dice pool 9, with a specialty in Autopsy): Make no mistake, Emmanuel Burgess is one creepy son of a bitch. The rumors about necrophilia are probably just that, rumors, but nonetheless this is a man who wakes up resting spirits for no reason at all except to satisfy his own morbid curiosity. But if you can look past this, you’ll recognize a true master at work. In all of Milwaukee, maybe all of the Midwest, there is simply no one better at untangling the mysteries of death than Emmanuel.


Quotes about Emmanuel:

“Somebody’s gotta do the messy work, and it sure as hell ain’t me. But then it’s not chore for my brother dearest, he does love it so. Weird to think we’re related, isn’t it?” —Nicholas Burgess, the face of Burgess Brothers’ Funeral Services

“He would be of great help to our cause, but he is an odd one. He crossed the Lake once and refuses to come back to this side. Stubborn and, maybe, dangerous.” —Fitz, One of the Three Captains of the Great Lakes Krewe

“Necromancer? More like necrophiliac. Creep.” — Kaya Sparrowhawk

Emmanuel Burgess

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