Ana Menchu

La Madrina


Sample Dice Pool:

Occult (Dice Pool 7, with a specialty in Milwaukee Supernaturals): The reason that Sra. Menchu has managed to carve out some living space on the macho South Side has a lot to do with her iron will and powerful negotiating skills, but it also has a lot to do with her knowledge of the hidden realities of our world. Rumor has it that she is in league with vampires, demons and spirits, that she can see the mystic lines that crisscross beneath the streets and that without the Basilica and whatever she keeps in its sacristy, her little enclave would crumble. So they say.


“My one true rival among the Bound, who learned a lesson earlier than I did, to my shame. That we seekers of ghosts aren’t the only ones who walk in the shadows, and that shadows make deals too.”
Leon Sanders, Spurned by the Court of Masks and Stages

“Todos por Maximon. Todos por La Madrina, la muerte triunfante.”
Teresa Cortes, Disciple of the Saint Simon.

Ana Menchu

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