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The Jaws of Afterlife Swallows Those Unwilling

In college you do all the research, you look up everything you need to know, you study the rules and percentages of everything you have to present, and then you get exactly what you deserve for the amount of work you put in. The first time I sent a ghost to the afterlife I realized that ghosts don’t work like college does, and you’re going to have to understand more than just the facts in order to make it anywhere.

I was so against Sparrowhawk’s hacking in the beginning. The only reason I agreed was because it was the lesser of all evils. I now know this is a necessary evil to do the job that needs to be done. Breaking the law is never a good option, but when you’re dealing with something that most lawmakers don’t even know exist, well, sometimes you have to break the law.

We did everything we could, including Lee’s beautiful act of going incorporeal and finding out the very necessary fact of Arnold Anhem’s journal tying Paula to the corporeal world. We found out how to break the connections Paula had to the real world, and we decided that it was time to act.

In my mind it was very simple. We would talk to Terrence, talk to Paula, sort it out like “adults”, and then Paula would pass peacefully and happy. Of course, I was very naïve back then.

Paula clang to Terrence like a child to a blanket. When we started telling Terrence about everything going on, that we were trying to help Paula pass on. Paula would have none of it. She became enraged, furious that we would try and take everything that tied her to this world. She took control of Terrence and she came for us. We were destroying everything, and she had to preserve it.

Paula took control of Terrence, attempting to rid us of her house, of this world. She grabbed Terrence’s gun and came for us. I did the only thing I could think to do in a situation like that, I cowered. I had never expected the situation to become so ugly, as I thought that everyone was capable of being an “adult.” Ghosts aren’t so easy when it comes to removing them from the things that tie them to this world.

Sparrowhawk and Lee began to wrestle with Paula, attempting to remove her from Terrence’s body. Michaels broke down the wall that had sealed Arnhem’s journal and removed it from the pedestal upon which it sat. Michael’s began to tear apart the journal that tied part of Paula to this world and, this is where I knew something was wrong, the ground opened up. The jaws of the afterlife were going to take Paula whether she liked it or not. Sparrowhawk and Lee struggled with Paula, grabbing and reaching for her to pull her out of Terrence. Lee succeeded, but doomed Paula to a fate that I was never sure of.

Paula was eaten by the pit and removed from this world before she was ready. Terrence was free from her, but at what cost? All the while, what had I done? I sat there, cowering behind cover. I still think we killed her. We removed her before it was her time, before she was ready, and she was cast down to the afterlife before she could make the decision for herself. Destroying the ties a ghost has to the world kills them… and I cannot stand for that.

I have made it my aim to prevent ghosts from being destroyed, killed, before they are ready to move on. They have emotions, just like humans do, emotions that tie them to this world. It is our job to help them less go of the ties and send them happily to the afterlife. To help them pass of their own volition.



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