Festival Parking

Hungry Ghosts

Education is preparation for action.

That’s what my grandfather used to say. My mother never particularly liked the phrase, thinking it was bad for my study habits, but I think I’ve come to agree, especially after recent events. We had learned as much as was possible about the intriguing demise of Paula LeMain, not to mention the psychiatric histories of Detective LeMain and the late Arnold Arnhem. The time had come to act. The four of us headed over to Detective LeMain’s house to give Paula the rest that she and the world deserved and needed. Paula proved reluctant to let go. She became hostile rather quickly and possessed Terrence, who then turned on us during our efforts to assist. While Kaya and I wrestled with Terrence, Michaels thought fast and broke into the hidden part of the closet. With a prodigious show of strength, Michaels tore Arnold Arnhem’s diary in two, at which point things got—somehow—more surreal. The floor became a two-dimensional mirror into the Abyss, which Paula fell into, screaming. And eventually, things will return to some sense of normal.

But my mind has been focused more on what did not happen. Fitz had said that the best way to find my direction in this world would be to help a ghost move on, and he was right. Paula deserved peace, and who does not? Is it not our promised reward? I thought it would be rather simple: find what bothers a person most, what denies them peace, and work with them to help them move from their purgatory. But Paula’s case was nothing like that. She did not seem to want peace. She clung to Terrence like a drowning woman, and denied that anything was wrong. She would not go quietly, and was forced into being helped.

And worst yet, I cannot shake the feeling that this will not be the last time we encounter such a tortured spirit.



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