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Ghosts Aren't Rational, Go Figure

We all cling on to life, who are we to judge the dead?

As it turns out, getting information from Terrance wouldn’t be easy. I reluctantly went along with Gabrielle (taking time out of her clubbing schedule to do something useful? Wow), but I don’t think I would be able to stand spending a lot of time with Kyra. I was in the end, glad to work with the lesser of two evils. Lee is the most tolerable out of the three I have to work with, even though he could use some work on his English. He shares the same penitence for lack of prudence that I do, being a driven individual, I respect that. Learning to help others is something that will force all of us to change ourselves, however…

So begins the long list of obstacles that will stand in our way, as Gabby and I encountered another snag when our excursion to dig up information on the late wife of Terrance the Detective went awry. Long story short, we were found out, and it’ll only be a matter of time before Terrance knows somebody is trying to dig up information that he himself may not be comfortable disclosing. We did however, manage to acquire the name of a very large chain of funeral homes and services, leading us to two of the most knowledgeable necrophiles in the Milwaukee area; Emmanuel and Nicholas Burgess. Kyra and Gabrielle set out on a quest to dig up information about Paula LeMain, while Lee and I (thank God) went into the fray at Terrance’s place of residence, using some newly acquired sin-eater powers to project ourselves into his home.

A short while later, Lee comes bursting up out of the ground, exasperated and shaken. I turn to him, eager to hear what he has found…



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